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Below are a few much appreciated comments from previous clients, fellow coaches, and past faculty.  Glance through them at your convenience, knowing that we would love to add your comments as well!


“I came to the coaching relationship with a lot of issues, including my marriage and my overall self-worth.  John helped me understand what I was and wasn’t responsible for, and what I could do to improve them.  I couldn’t have asked for a better life coach, and trust me, I searched for a long time.”

Stephanie M., Preschool Teacher, Scottsdale, AZ


“From the time we got started, I shared my immediate concerns about life coaching.  John gave me immediate feedback to my questions and helped me realize the value that life coaching can provide to my life.  His powerful questioning techniques prompted me to think about the underlying elements of my problems, and then to work on solutions for such problems.  Thinking back, it was actually one of his questions that became the turning point for when my life started to turn around.  Overall, the experience was engaging, useful and very fruitful.”

Robert L., Attorney, Scottsdale, AZ


“I was genuinely surprised about John’s approach – I expected a lot of flowery language about hopes and dreams and my feelings, and what I got was a down-to-earth, sincere coach who simply helped me find out what wasn’t working, and then helped me fix it.  Thanks John for both surprising and exceeding my expectations about life coaching.”

Latonya D., Homemaker, Phoenix, AZ


“John is an excellent life coach and helped to accelerate my career in a positive and lucrative direction. He has a fantastic ability to hone in on underlying issues and helped me realize the best direction to head in order to achieve my short term and long term goals. He is very patient, understanding, and has a great demeanor. I initially chose John due to the free initial consultation since I was not familiar with life coaching, but I immediately knew that he would be able to guide me in the right direction toward the path of a successful job future. His office is a very comfortable, relaxed, and private environment in a convenient location. As an independent contractor, I struggled with the necessary structure and accountability I needed each day to truly achieve everything I set out to do, and John has helped develop that into my daily work routine and I couldn’t be more thankful!”

Kelly G., Real Estate Agent, Scottsdale, AZ


“The coaching interactions I had with John helped me to acknowledge myself for confronting my personal challenges, and more importantly helped me to face such challenges even though there was anxiety and apprehension present.  The coaching relationship brought self-awareness around the core areas of my life, and allowed me to understand the reasons for my anxiety.  This in turn helped me to uncover the hidden fears I had locked away, and to look at ways to overcome them.”

Jeff S., Sales Manager, Paradise Valley, AZ


“John, I would like to thank you for your support and coaching.  I felt that you truly listened to me and asked very powerful questions that directed me to new ways of thinking.  What made it great to work with you was your kindness and your patience.  Thanks so much!”

Daniela F., Personal Trainer, Scottsdale, AZ


“John is enthusiastic, open and genuine in all of his endeavors.  His zest for life and for the lives of others is truly contagious.  In partnering with John you can expect to experience a heartfelt platform to explore life’s possibilities.”

Jordan B., ICF Certified Coach, Port Moody, Canada


“As a professional life coach myself, I have never had need to question his devotion to helping people achieve a higher purpose in life, and I do not plan to do so in the future.  John is forthright and efficient, possesses very clear communication skills, and quickly creates a ‘safe place’ for a client to open up and share his or her most sensitive issues to most efficiently move forward.  He is simply one of the most professional and proficient life coaches I have ever known.”

Paul S., ICF Certified Coach, Buenos Aires


“John’s ability to produce and elicit trust from his clients is truly amazing.”

Melanie B., ICF Certified Coach, Boston, MA


“I can confidently recommend John to others seeking a highly skilled, empathetic life coach.  John has excellent listening skills, and his ability to empathize with his clients fosters an environment that encourages dialogue and self-assessment.  As a confident, positive coach, coaching from John would be beneficial to anyone looking to explore life issues, increase their confidence, and move forward in their personal and professional life.”

Elizabeth H., ICF Certified Coach, Glens Falls, NY


“John has consistently shown himself to be extremely talented and gifted in his coaching abilities.  John really does possess an extraordinarily high number of positive qualities, in his personality and in his coaching methods, and I feel grateful that I have had the ability to hear him coach on numerous occasions.  Everyone that knows him considers him to be one of the most skilled life coaches that exist in the field.”

Susanne C., ICF Certified Coach, Singapore


“I am always touched by the warmth and calming atmosphere John creates in his sessions.  John’s gentle nature has proven to be very effective in holding clients accountable for their tasks and goals.  John commands a vast knowledge of solid coaching principles and a thorough knowledge of how to encourage, exhort, listen and empower.  He will fully support you to get the most out of the coaching sessions, and you will live life fully since you will undoubtedly gain a greater sense of self-awareness.”

Sofie V., ICF Certified Coach, Shanghai, China


“John creates a safe and non-judgmental space for his clients to come and share their concerns, and with his pleasant voice and deep questioning, he helps his clients to open up to an even deeper awareness, thus helping them to find answers to their most complicated situations.  John has an amazing talent in guiding his clients down the corridors of their unconscious mind, helping them to open the doors of their creativity.  John is direct and honest, a good balance between supporting his clients and confronting them to stay accountable, and does so with lightness and a great sense of humor.  Once the way is clear, John’s coaching provides a gentle but effective accountability mechanism to keep clients on the path that they have chosen.”

Liina D., ICF Certified Coach, Minneapolis, MN


“John’s coaching is both professional and masterful.  He consistently provides a safe, professional, flexible, and supportive coaching presence.  In addition, John uses active listening, asks powerful questions, and leads clients to effective planning and goal setting.  It is always a privilege to hear John Patterson coach and I would highly recommend him to any client.”

Kathy M., ICF Credentialed Faculty, International Coach Academy


“Powerful questions and active listening are but a few of John Patterson’s strengths.  He is able to support his clients so well in their forward journey by creating awareness and clarity in all sessions.  It is with the highest confidence that I recommend John Patterson for any client looking to change their life for the better.”

Prahba C., ICF Credentialed Faculty, International Coach Academy