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The coaching services through Life by John exist to move you forward in your career and life goals.

1) Choose Your Topic
  • Career assistancemeet your business goals & avoid burnout.
  • Career exploration & transitionmove into a more fulfilling job.
  • Business marketinglaunch your business & attract clients.
  • Accountabilitymotivation help, feedback, & goal setting.
  • “Stuck in life”get organized and achieve work-life balance.
  • Self-worth/confidencestop negative self-talk & criticism.
  • And more!life coaching is all about you and your needs.
2) Choose Your Location

In-Person Coaching

  • Best option for clients who live in Arizona (United States).
  • Click here for a map to the Life by John office.

Virtual Coaching

  • Life coaching that comes to you no matter where you live!
  • Virtual coaching via Skype which you can download here for free.
3) Choose Your Time

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Give John a call today for a free phone consultation (which can often take place the same day you call). That way you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have, get a feel for coaching in general, and see if life coaching is right for you!

More Info
4) Get Your Questions Answered
The most important thing to understand about the coaching process is that it’s all about you, the client. This means that every single coaching session will revolve around the topic that you want to talk about. One session might be around career exploration and finding the right career for you, while the next might be helping you through a conflict at work or at home, it’s your choice! To directly help with these concerns, your coach will use a variety of coaching techniques such as active listening, goal planning, encouragement, accountability, direct feedback, brainstorming, and more. Understand though that coaching is an art form, and that every single client is different and requires a unique coaching approach. A “one size fits all” or “five-step program” isn’t going to get you where you want to go, so beware of coaches who claim to have a fool-proof system to get you to become 53% happier in life. A good coach will custom tailor the coaching process around you and your unique needs, simple as that.
The entirety of the coaching process is based around results and getting you to where you want to be faster. In fact, the word “coach” comes from the old coach-and-buggy carriages, which people would use when they needed to get from Point A to Point B faster than they could have on their own. Will the coach guarantee results in a certain timeframe? Simply put, no, since each individual client is different (and change does take time), and since the coach belongs to the ICF they are unable to ethically guarantee such a timeframe. However, for some quick statistics on the results of coaching, 96% of people who have used a coach report that they would use a coach again, with overall productivity increasing by over 30% in just one year. For more on these statistics, check out the Why Coaching Works page and read all about the results of coaching!
All sessions are $130 (either in-person or virtual via Skype). No monthly commitments, and no extra fees for group/couple’s coaching. Pay via cash, check, credit or debit (insurance is not accepted, but HSA/FSA accounts are possible). There’s even complimentary emergency email coaching in-between sessions, just in case you need it.
This is one of the most difficult questions for a coach to answer since each client brings a different set of goals and challenges and ability to take action. Personally, I have had clients come for just a few sessions and some for multiple years, but of course it’s completely up to the client and their specific goals. Clients use a coach for as long as they add value to their life and help them reach their goals effectively.
You’re in good company since a lot of others do as well. That’s why I wrote an article to address many of the common coaching concerns that people have!
No problem. Take a look at the FAQ page for an exhaustive list of questions and answers to help you learn more about life coaching and my coaching practice specifically. Also plan on asking lots of questions during your free consultation since there’ll be plenty of time to do so!